Coming Home

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After 17 years of living in Costa Rica this is home, we actually felt that way fairly soon after our arrival.

A lifetime of running and playing golf took its toll on my right hip so we returned to the US in August where I had my surgery. I would have preferred having the surgery in Costa Rica (we have great medical care) but with Medicare and family in California it made sense for us to make the trip.


What a time to be alive, six weeks after surgery I played my first round of golf. Don’t tell my surgeon, I was supposed to wait three months!

In our 17 years here, the longest we have been away is about two weeks, this was a six week trip with recovery time built in. We got back into the LA scene pretty quickly but had trouble adjusting to the traffic that at this point in Southern California almost never lets up!

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It was great seeing old friends (some of whom have paid us a visit in Playa Tamarindo) and spending quality time with family and best of all was my first visit with my new born grandson (Luca).


When it was time to start planning our return we went through an introspective period evaluating or lives, the decisions we have made and what the future might hold.

A few days before returning we became excited because we had been gone maybe too long and experienced missing our little community and the life we have created which we hold so dear.

Our clients and friends often ask us about life in Costa Rica and we try to describe what we feel and why we are so connected the best we can.

We moved here from The Monterey Peninsula CA, Steinbeck country, which is fitting because it would take a Steinbeck to find the words to describe this experience.

By Tony & Laurel DiMaggio

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