Eco Friendly Costa Rica

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When it comes to the earth’s eco-system, Costa Rica cares – as they should considering Costa Rica contains almost 6% of the entire world’s biodiversity. Costa Rica is a leading country in sustainability, reforestation, alternative fuels, and eco-friendly tourism.

The desire to protect their environment may not be a new one – in fact, in 1828, the government was told to “to fight for the conservation and reforestation of mountains and plantations. Still, new surges of eco-friendly thought are creating a largely sustainable country.

Energy and Sustainability

In 2013, Costa Rica was named No. 2 in environmental sustainability (the No. 1 spot went to Switzerland.) From then, they only grew. As of 2015, Costa Rica has been running only on renewable energy sources. Hydroelectric power and wind power are two of the commonly used power systems throughout the country. The country’s hope is to be fully carbon neutral in a few years.


When it comes to reforestation, Costa Rica knows where it has been and where it is going. Over 65 years ago, Costa Rica was ¾ forest. But by 1983, the country had lost nearly half of that forestland. Farming and logging pursuits were mostly to blame for the loss of trees.

But Costa Rica is determined to gain back what it has lost. The government is now paying landowners to reforest their land – with a goal to eventually have 60% of the country forested.

Land Conservation

Over ¼ of Costa Rica is considered protected land. These areas are being carefully preserved. Within this land you will find volcanoes, lakes, mountains, and islands. Beyond the government’s work, many individual organizations have chosen portions of the country to focus their conservation efforts. For example, the Osa Conservation is a non-profit focused on conserving the biodiversity on the Osa Peninsula.

Eco – Friendly travel

A country that values its biodiversity, environment, and climate as much as Costa Rica realizes that tourism must match its sustainability value system. Their domestic airline, NatureAir, has been carbon neutral for over a decade. You can also find sustainable shuttle bus services in the country. The Rainforest Alliance is giving tour leaders and hotel staff lessons on sustainability as well.

Eco-friendly travel includes eco-friendly lodging. A few popular sustainable resorts/hotel in Costa Rica are:


- El Silencio Lodge & Spa

- Finca Rosa Blanca

- Lapa Rios Ecolodge

- Tabacon Resort and Hot Springs

- Kura Designs Villas

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