Costa Rica Villas

While condominiums are typically are the most popular type of property for second homeowners, villas in Costa Rica are quickly becoming more and more in demand. Slightly different than a condo, Costa Rica villas offer more seclusion, spaciousness and serviceability to their owners.
Let us quickly reiterate the difference between a condo and a villa: Generally, a condo is defined as a unit owned in a larger building with multiple levels and similar adjoining units. Like condos, villas can also be units in private residential communities, but typically a villa has more ground space and natural land than a condo unit.

Costa Rica villas boast the best of both worlds – scenery and access to communal amenities (i.e. pools, laundry facilities, rental programs, etc.) – making villas for sale in Costa Rica an extremely popular option for both vacation homeowners and people looking to spend more time here.

As a vacation unit, villas in Costa Rica, feature many of the same conveniences as condos and can be easily rented out to earn money as a vacation rental. Costa Rica villas are also an ideal choice for people looking to make the first step in permanent re-location to Costa Rica. A villa is a bit more manageable than a large house and still makes a great place to live with green space, beautiful landscaping and lovely residential common areas.

Costa Rica is an excellent place for anyone thinking of moving to the tropics. Like we’ve mentioned, the stable government and access to services makes it an easy transition for expats settling in. Additionally, foreigners have the same right to property ownership as the locals and many services are available in both English and Spanish.

Whether you’re thinking of a vacation home or re-locating for good, browsing our list of Costa Rica villas for sale, is a good place to start. With a diverse selection of villas all over the country, Coldwell Banker can help answer all your questions about owning property in this beautiful country today.

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