Playa Grande properties holds some real gems

Investors seeking a peaceful, more rural location that is not as as developed as surrounding beach towns are investing in Playa Grande real estate.  Playa Grande has remained as Mother Nature intended, an authentic Costa Rican paradise.  Forming part of the Marina Las Baulas National Park, Playa Grande is protected by even stricter development restrictions.

Property owners acquire residences in Playa Grande because they know this beautiful tropical landscape will continue to retain much of its natural authenticity.

The beach community of Salinas is the closest town to Playa Grande and offers several small hotels, surf camps and restaurants. South of Playa Grande, Palm Beach Estate is a beachfront gated residence that boasts its own amenities including a supermarket, restaurants and boutique hotels.  

Significantly, Playa Grande is the second largest nesting area in the world for leatherback sea turtles. The important role Play Grande plays in the life cycle of the endangered Leatherback turtles has been recognised, and environmental laws have been developed to protect this white sandy shore from over development. 

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