Dominical Real Estate

Located in the Central Pacific region of Costa Rica (about a 30-minute drive south of Manuel Antonio/Quepos), lies the peaceful surfer haven of Dominical.

Don’t be fooled by this picturesque beach town’s dirt roads and small downtown – Dominical is one of the fastest growing communities in Costa Rica with real estate in Dominical on everybody’s mind.

Perfect for beach-lovers and die-hard surfers, Dominical’s heart and soul is its long, idyllic 20-mile stretch of coastline. No matter when you visit, expect to see wave worshippers and sun seekers out and about enjoying the sights and sounds of this lively village.
Beyond its surf, Dominical offers the kind of authentic, natural beauty that anyone seeking property in paradise might fall in love with. Cascading cliffs, winding rivers, lush greenery and sweeping ocean views surround you in every direction.

Dominical is one beach town that still maintains a real rainforest feel – enormous tree trunks, leaves the size of small cars and abundant wildlife throughout. If you’re looking for unparalleled scenery near the beach with a laid-back vibe, Dominical real estate might be the right choice for you.

With plenty of nearby beaches and attractions, Dominical is an excellent choice to make your new home or to own a vacation residence. Coldwell Banker features an office right in town, so we are in the best position to answer any questions as you browse our wide range of Dominical real estate listings.

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