Buying Guide to Land, Home and Properties in Costa Rica

Visiting Costa Rica, whether on business or vacation, is always inspiring. So many people fall in love with the laid-back lifestyle and easy living, the delicious national produce, and the warmth of Tico hospitality, that they often find they never want to leave. Vacationers return year after year, and there's always something new to discover in this rich and vibrant country.

For many, the thought of owning their own little piece of paradise becomes irresistible, and they start to look into buying a second home, investment property, or even land in Costa Rica. In this buying guide, we'll explore some of the key things about purchasing real estate in this Central American country.

Why buy property in Costa Rica?

If you are one of the many visitors who have fallen in love with this enchanting part of the world, then buying property in Costa Rica is the perfect way to experience everything at your own leisurely pace. Alongside this, the very special ex-pat lifestyle in Costa Rica is a major draw, giving those in the know the chance to enjoy a better standard of living at a much lower cost.

This is due to the fact that services and amenities such as health care, education, and infrastructure are not significantly different from those found in richer western countries such as the US. Other factors, including a low crime rate, a stable and long-standing democratic government, a focus on public investment, and no defence taxation, thanks to Costa Rica’s decision to disband its military in the 1940s, mean ex-pats really can relax and enjoy the best this progressive country has to offer.

Benefits of buying land or homes in Costa Rica

This country is a renowned nature lover’s paradise, and that is one of the main reasons people look for properties here. But have you ever thought about the benefits of owning a vacation home or land in Costa Rica? English has slowly become widely spoken here, with some people speaking it at a very high level. This makes communication easier for ex-pats. This also streamlines the process of buying and selling and makes living in Costa Rica a whole lot easier.

However, the benefits of buying land or homes in Costa Rica do not stop there, with investors and developers quickly discovering what the property market can offer in relation to both long- and short-term investments. Good returns can be had on beach vacation rentals and coastal properties, particularly in the northwest where a large ex-pat community already exists. Here, a broad selection of land and property is available, and this, combined with a large number of tourists passing through, helps to keep demand high.

Buying real estate in Costa Rica for investment

While Costa Rica has certainly been a buyer’s market for a long time, the rising demand is beginning to make long-term investments when purchasing property in Costa Rica look like a good bet. In fact, at the higher end of the market, property prices are rising fast, and the trend is most definitely upward.

This country has long been a destination for travelers seeking peace and relaxation in its lush, tropical landscapes. But it's also a fantastic option for those looking to invest in property. Costa Rica boasts stunning natural beauty, with pristine beaches, rainforests teeming with wildlife, and volcanoes providing stunning backdrops. And with affordable land and housing options available, Costa Rica offers the chance to purchase a vacation home or even create a lucrative rental property. Furthermore, the nation's stable government and growing economy make it a safer and more profitable investment opportunity.

So why not consider making this paradise your own slice of paradise? Buying land, a home, or other property in Costa Rica means not only financial benefits but also the chance to enjoy all the country has to offer on a regular basis. Plus, who wouldn't love having an excuse to visit this tropical haven more often? It's truly the perfect opportunity for anyone looking for both investment potential and a personal escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

If you are ready to start finding your dream property in Costa Rica, please get in touch with us. We would be more than happy to help you find the perfect land or home to fit your needs. 

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We are- UNHAPPILY- home safe. Would much rather be back in Tamarindo. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING you did to make our stay a joy ! We look very much forward to seeing you on our next trip to Costa Rica. PURA VIDA !

Steve Perry, Costa Rica

We had so much fun at Buena Vista. Thanks for arranging that with Memo.
I also want to say many thanks for all that you have done. We have enjoyed Costa Rica and I have found you so helpful with everything and a pleasure to deal with that it was a very stress free vacation. When I do come back here hopefully you will still be doing what what you do.
Our last couple of days will be spent enjoying the sunshine and eating at great restaurants. Sincerely,

Tara, Kevin and Roy., Costa Rica

While my computer is still running here, I'd like to take the opportunity to thank you for your help during our stay.
When we first came to your office, we were in dire straights and in desperate need of assistance. Andrea was extremely compassionate, spoke with candor, and had a "can do attitude" that was of immense help.
In addition, Andrea has put us in contact with Steve, with whom we are working, preparing to view a little property that might be just what we are looking for at this particular time.
In addition, having gotten to know Andrea personally as well as professionally has been our great pleasure. I wanted to let you know what a tremendous asset she is to your company. She is a great treasure -- a one in a million.

Tina Parker, Costa Rica

Laurel and Tony,
The both of you were fantastic with us throughout the property search and purchase process. As we had mentioned, two other attempts to find thorough, attentive, responsive agents to work with in Tamarindo were failures. I expect that we are more work to deal with than many others as we asked a lot of thorough and analytical questions and expected responses to all of them. You two never failed to deliver. The organization and execution of our condo shopping trip in January was excellent and the fact that you two devoted 2 full days to us, around our schedule, to get this deal done was key to our success. The selection of properties that Laurel planned out, including a few places above and below our target zone helped us to refine our interests. We truly appreciated your interest in our success. This could easily have been very stressful for us, and yet, it wasn’t. Thank you very much.
As a side note, when we walked into the Coldwell Banker office randomly with no appointment in November had we not found your office staff patient and accommodating from the start we would have simply walked on to the next agency. Your staff deserves special mention for getting us interested in the agency to begin with.
We will give you some advance notice before we make our first trip down so that we can plan to get together for lunch or dinner. We are tentatively planning on somewhere in the last 2 weeks of May, as soon as our son gets out of school for the summer.

Dan Batliner, Costa Rica

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