Guide to move to Costa Rica from the US

Guide to move to Costa Rica from the US

Guide to move to Costa Rica from the US

Pack your things! A comprehensive guide to moving to Costa Rica from the US

Are you considering a move to Costa Rica from the US? If so, then keep reading as this is a comprehensive guide to all things Costa Rica and will tell you all you need to know before making the big move. This tropical paradise is one of the most well-liked locations for ex-pats to live, study, work remotely and retire. 

The country’s stunning natural beauty, from its beaches to its tropical rainforests has something for all thrill-seekers alike. Costa Rica is known for its biodiversity, with its protected jungles teeming with wildlife from spider monkeys to jaguars. If you’re looking for an exciting change of pace, then Costa Rica is the place for you. 

Reasons people move to Costa Rica from the US

Costa Rica is a nature lover’s paradise

If you're considering a move to Costa Rica, there are a few things you should know about the country's natural assets. First and foremost, Costa Rica is an incredibly biodiverse country located in a tropical climate zone. It is home to a wide variety of plant and animal life. From monkeys to butterflies and beaches to jungles and volcanoes, it offers nature lovers an abundance of things to do and places to see. 

Costa Rica is well known for its national parks, which cover about a fifth of the country's total land area. The first national park in Costa Rica was created in 1971, and since then the country has continued to create new parks and preserve its existing ones. For Costa Ricans their national parks are a great source of pride.

Cost of living in Costa Rica

One of the biggest perks of moving to Costa Rica from the United States is the decreased cost of living. Consumer prices, rent prices, restaurant prices and grocery prices are all much lower in Costa Rica than in the US, according to Numbeo. According to International Living, a well-known lifestyle publication, ex-pats from the United States and Canada spend less money on a daily basis in Costa Rica than they do in their own countries. 

According to the magazine, "many elderly couples live well on $2,000 a month and much better on $2,500 to $3,000," while "a single person can live on or between $1,400 and $1,700 a month." Of course, different lifestyle choices will affect the cost of living accordingly. Although those who reside in well-known tourist areas might expect to pay extra on a daily basis, foreigners will discover that the country is generally very affordable.

The Pura Vida Lifestyle

Pura Vida is a national cliche for a reason, its literal translation is ‘Pure Life’ but is also similar to saying ‘this is the life’, which is fitting for the Costa Rican lifestyle. Costa Rica has the best of both worlds, with both an urban and rural lifestyle available to you. Cities like San Jose have many great things to offer from food and markets to the opera house and the fantastic Museo del Oro Precolombino in the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum. Additionally, if you’re looking for a more relaxed lifestyle, Costa Rica has some of the best seaside towns with lots of surfing, beach bars and outdoor dining.

Costa Rica’s warm, tropical weather mixed with its incredibly stunning coastlines makes for perfect seaside living. Its selection of mountains, volcanoes and rainforests is perfect for active hikers. 

The country’s annual temperature is between 70 degrees and 81 degrees Fahrenheit, making it a warm place to live. Also, the hot, tropical climate means exotic fruits thrive in Costa Rica, like dragon fruit, papaya and guava, which are bound to tickle your taste buds while also inspiring a healthy diet and lifestyle. 

Housing in Costa Rica

Just like in any country, housing prices depend on where you want to live, whether it be in rural or urban areas. However, compared to the US, Costa Rica's housing market is more affordable. Rent in Costa Rica is 71% lower than in the United States. Ordinarily, the more metropolitan areas are the most expensive, with a one-bedroom apartment in the heart of San Jose costing on average USD$600-740 per month. Although still expensive, it is a far cry from the price of a one-bedroom in Manhattan or Los Angeles nowadays. 

If you decide to live outside the city centers and prefer a more rural area, rent prices decrease dramatically. The average rent for a one-bedroom outside the city center comes in at $322, according to Numbeo. 

Owning your own home in Costa Rica is also a possibility as non-residents have the same rights as locals and are allowed to buy property. Owning your own home in the United States gets harder each year so, with the affordable housing prices in Costa Rica, you can become a homeowner easily. 

Universal Healthcare in Costa Rica

A huge bonus with moving to Costa Rica from the US is the easy access to healthcare. The healthcare system in Costa Rica is government-run and is frequently cited as one of the best in the world. The country is ranked 36th in the world by the World Health Organization, above the United States. 

In addition to having excellent healthcare, medical costs are relatively low compared to the US, with private medical visits, tests, and even complex surgeries being ¼ to ⅓ of the price in the United States. Universal healthcare has been one of the leading factors in expats' decision to seek residency in Costa Rica, especially in their later years.

Bringing your pet to Costa Rica from the US

You couldn’t make the move to Costa Rica without your furry friend by your side! However, it is standard to have proper documentation for your pet before entering any country and Costa Rica is no exception. 

When entering Costa Rica from the US, you need a Veterinary Certificate completed by a licensed veterinarian, as well as proof of vaccinations such as rabies shots. Costa Rica is regarded as a very pet-friendly country with many pet-friendly beaches and outdoor spaces, making it easy to incorporate your pet into your new lifestyle. 

3 commonly asked questions about moving to Costa Rica from the US

Is living in Costa Rica worth it?
Yes, it is worth living in Costa Rica as the lifestyle is amazing. Costa Rica’s amazing beaches, food, and affordable cost of living make living there worth it. 

What is the quality of life in Costa Rica?
The quality of life in Costa Rica is very good compared to other neighboring countries. It has one of the best healthcare systems in the world and an affordable cost of living. It has a great warm climate and stunning beaches and natural history which people enjoy year-round. 

Where to move to in Costa Rica?
Costa Rica has both busy cities as well as chilled seaside towns. San Jose and Heredia are great cities for ex-pats to live in. Smaller towns along the Central Pacific Coast are also popular for ex-pats to settle down in, like Tamarindo and Playa Flamingo.

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